Classicmotorshop Cupholder

Technology leader in retrofit cup holders.

With the Classicmotorshop cupholder, you can equip your vehicle with a high-quality cupholder in a matter of seconds. Installation is completely toolless. You don't have to loosen or tighten any screws, you simply click the cup holder into the seat rail. The cup holder is held in place thanks to super strong neodymium magnets.

Protected design - Made in Germany.

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Unique design and construction

Sealed by the German patent and trademark office!

Only we offer the unique magnetic cupholder and cell phone holder. Both holders are attached in seconds without tools. No removing or changing of safety relevant or sensitive components.

It means for you that with our cupholder the installation is completely magnetic and without new screws in the seat rail. 

With our cell phone holder you don't have to remove an instrument first, but simply insert 2 pins into the ISO mounting holes of the A/C unit. Our solutions do not interfere with sensitive or safety-relevant structure of your vehicle. 

The Patent and Trademark Office agrees and has confirmed the protection of our solution.

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About us:

We are Hennig and Christoph and we love old cars and good drinks. As connoisseurs, we also find that both belong together. However, up until the late 1990s, the development engineers at the major automobile manufacturers saw things differently. Hardly any car from that era has a factory-installed cup holder. And so the idea was born. It all started with first handmade cupholder for our own cars. Due to the high demand from friends and acquaintances, we have further refined our construction, registered the design and are happy today to be able to share this ingenious design with you.
We hope that you are just as happy about the cup holder. Please give us feedback on the product.

30 days money back guarantee!

Test our cupholder. Quality is our top priority. Your satisfaction with our Classicmotorshop cupholder is therefore particularly important to us. Convince yourself of the advantages of the Classicmotorshop cupholder and test it without any risk. If, contrary to our expectations, the cupholder does not meet your requirements
you can send it back to us within 30 days of the date of purchase. You will receive a full refund from us.

No ifs and buts!

You only pay the postage costs.

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